Making the Right Choice

At Virginia Home Health & Hospice you are never alone.  We provide expert medical care, symptom management, emotional and spiritual support for you and your loved ones during life-limiting illness or injury. We provide the care you need when a full and meaningful life matters the most.

Our Commitment to You

  • Listen to and hear your concerns
  • Plan our care according to your goals and wishes
  • Respect your unique beliefs and philosophy
  • Respond quickly to after hour and weekend needs
  • Expertly manage your pain and symptoms
  • Support your family’s needs as well as yours
  • Provide continued bereavement support to your family

When is the right time to talk about hospice care?
Now is the best time to learn more about hospice care and ask questions about what to expect. Although end-of-life care may be difficult to discuss, it is best for loved ones and family members to share theirwishes long before it becomes a concern. This can greatly reduce stress when the time for hospice becomes apparent. By having these discussions in advance, uncomfortable situations can be avoided.Instead, educated decisions can be made that include the advice and input of loved ones.

Who can make the referral?
Anyone can inquire about hospice services. You or your loved one may call Virginia Home Health & Hospice and request services. The hospice staff will then contact your physician to determine if a referral to hospice is appropriate. Another way to inquire about hospice is to talk with your physician, and he or she can make a referral to hospice.

When does Hospice begin?
Hospice can begin as soon as a ‘referral’ is made by your doctor and/or medical provider. Our hospice staff will then contact you and your family to set up an initial meeting to review the services we offer and sign the necessary consent forms for care to begin. Usually, your hospice team is ready to begin within a day or two of a referral. However, if your primary care provider determines that hospice services are urgent, the registered nurse will make a visit as quickly as possible.

Benefits of a hospice referral early in a terminal illness diagnosis:
Experts agree that patients need at least 60-90 days to maximize the hospice benefit of symptom management and caregiver/family support. Benefits include:

  • Greater patient satisfaction, feeling more “in charge” of life and plan of care
  • Better pain and symptom control
  • Reduced patient and family anxiety
  • Reduced emergency room visits and re-hospitalizations
  • Improved opportunity for patients to spend time the way they choose
  • Increased caregiver confidence in providing end-of-life care and support
  • Reduced caregiver “burn-out”
  • Greater ability to meet bereaved family needs